Reverberations English, Tiffany Orff Process/Pedagogy Technology All Ages
When Orff Schulwerk teachers are asked to offer digital lessons, it is no easy endeavor. What can you add to online lessons that will bring in the components of creativity and collaboration?
Articles/News Items Barnette, Carrie AOSA Executive Committee, Reverberations, Editorial Board Special Interest/Other All Ages
Encouragement from veteran AOSA teachers.
The Orff Echo Bugos, Jennifer Barred Instruments and Technique Orff Process/Pedagogy Special Interest/Other Research High School/Adult
A study on the influence of an Orff Schulwerk mallet program on self-efficacy in beginning adult musicians. Provides practical applications for an Orff curriculum with adults that supports continued music participation by this demographic.
The Orff Echo Robinson, Nicole Advocacy Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development Research College/Higher Education
A fundamental principle of AOSA is the organization’s Diversity Statement. This article clearly articulates the organization’s commitment to this principle and describes the essence of diversity education as it relates to music educators.
The Orff Echo Goodkin, Doug Advocacy AOSA Historical Significance Orff Process/Pedagogy Special Interest/Other All Ages
Reflections on practicing artistry in the music classroom, blending historical, traditional, contemporary, and innovative techniques in the Orff Schulwerk process
The Orff Echo Alswager, Sara Composition/Improvisation Orff Process/Pedagogy Special Interest/Other Curriculum Vocal All Ages
Strategies for teaching vocal jazz pair well with Orff Schulwerk processes, and repertoire in the genre can be used in elemental arranging, teaching swing style, and vocal jazz harmonies, and improvisation.
The Orff Echo Burroughs, Melissa Classroom Organization and Management Composition/Improvisation Orff Process/Pedagogy Curriculum Research Active Listening All Ages
Connection between STEAM and the Orff Schulwerk including the Four Fundamental C's (creativity, collaboration, communication, creative thinking). Authentic integrated student centered experiences that expand to including 'care' as a vital part of both approaches.
The Orff Echo Hawley Larsen, Diana Brown, Beth Classroom Organization and Management Composition/Improvisation Orff Process/Pedagogy Curriculum Research Active Listening All Ages
Practical implimentation of Cognitive Apprenticeship instructional design within Orff Schulwerk that includes modeling,exploring, scaffolding, coaching, articulating, reflecting, and learner centered approach.
The Orff Echo Southard, Joshua Composition/Improvisation Diversity and Inclusion Orff/Keetman Materials Orff Process/Pedagogy Speech All Ages
Keetman’s elemental rhythm blocks are expanded to include the anacrusis in diverse children’s names.
The Orff Echo Kipperman Sebring, Betsy Bercaw Petersen, Lauren Orff Process/Pedagogy Professional Development Curriculum All Ages
Connection to the cross-curricular, general classroom pedagogy of Reggio Emilia and Project Zero and description of an annual “Back to Basics” professional development workshop for new and experienced practitioners.