Reverberations McCoy, Matt Recorder Intermediate
PDF only - Good articulation (i.e., tonguing) is essential for quality recorder performance. This lesson is one model for introducing children to the mechanics of articulation/tonguing prior to and during their initial experiences with playing the instrument.
Reverberations Amchin, Rob Diversity Speech Intermediate
PDF only - “Talking Blues” is part of our American folk tradition and can be traced back at least to the 1920s. Students discover how the functional harmony of elemental I-IV-V progression, with speech accompaniment, can be musically complex.
Video Bardwell, Kit Broeker, Angela Barred Instruments and Technique Children's Demonstrations
A three-part tape set featuring an instructional workshop for children, led by instructors Kit Bardwell, Angela Broeker, and Jay Broeker. Tape one includes structured improvisational movement and instruments, and a Japanese rhyme, lullaby, and small group work on poetry. Tape two includes performance of the small group poetry, choral warm-ups and lessons, an instrumental Orff Schulwerk piece from volume IV, and more choral work.
Video AOSA Historical Significance
Interviews with those instrumental in the establishment and growth of AOSA, who reflect on the early days of the organization (picture is unsteady, but for those studying the history of AOSA, this is but a small inconvenience).
Reverberations Stensrud, Matthew Classroom Organization and Management All Ages
Multiple examples show how to incorporate the Responsive Classroom into the Orff Schulwerk setting, resulting in greater classroom management and happy students.
Video O’Connell, Marion Inclusion/Special Needs/ Gifted
Reverberations Lawton, Richard Advocacy Technology All Ages
Create a classroom blog to help with communication, community outreach, world outreach, taking school-work home to parents, and rehearsal techniques.
Video Fuoco-Lawson, Gloria Orff Process/Pedagogy Urban Focus
Found objects, such as plastic pipes, spray paint cans, brooms, wooden stools, and plastic drums, become the motivation for rhythmic exploration and improvisation.
Video Campbelle-Holman, Margaret Orff Process/Pedagogy Urban Focus Multi-Cultural / Multi-Ethnic Intermediate
CPR for music classrooms with limited resources. Boundaries are crossed with the Schulwerk’s interactive pearls. For grades 3-5: medium to challenging examples.
Video DeFrece, Robert Orff Process/Pedagogy All Ages
Orff Schulwerk lessons that fulfill clearly defined objectives outlined in the National Standards.