Reverberations Ware, Patrick Movement/Dance Early Childhood
The author describes the wonder that very young children bring to the classroom as well as the challenges of teaching this age group. The article includes an activity that allows children to explore the physical space they are in as well as the human interactions created when moving through shared space as they learn to "make a shape."
Reverberations Ford, Aaron Movement/Dance Technology All Ages
This app facilitates creative movement and choreography. It supports Laban Movement Analysis of Body, Effort, Space, and Relationship.
Reverberations Hall, Doreen Seasonal Speech All Ages
A little speech piece offers many opportunities for creative play. Great for Valentine's Day lessons.
Reverberations English, Tiffany Summa, Lauren Professional Development College/Higher Education
District sponsored AOSA approved teacher education courses offer an alternative to residential courses. In this article, two course directors discuss the ways in which locally sponsored teacher education has increased support for Orff Schulwerk in their communities.
Reverberations Mazion, Sharon Classroom Organization and Management Orff Process/Pedagogy All Ages
Collaboration and creative tasks play an important part of the teaching and learning process in an Orff Schulwerk classroom. Empathy, resiliency, flexibility and the ability to create iterations are key lifelong skills for our students as they journey through childhood and into adulthood.
Reverberations Collins, Ardith Bullington, Drue Herrmann, Anne Herrmann, Alix Seasonal Speech Vocal Intermediate
A versatile 4-part canon with classroom applications to explore in January and beyond.
Articles/News Items Scott, Julie English, Tiffany Pratt, Alice Donovon, Jennifer Leonhardt, Angela Kelly, Jenny Conklin, Adrienne Whitenton, Joe Classroom Organization and Management Professional Development AOSA Hosted Sessions All Ages
Meeting of the Minds (Classroom management) and President's Panel (Support for preservice and new educators)
Reverberations Redfearn Cave, Victoria Classroom Organization and Management Special Interest/Other Intermediate Middle School
Mindfulness addresses social/emotional needs of children and helps older students focus in the classroom.
The Orff Echo The Orff Echo, Special Interest/Other All Ages
This page contains extensions to articles that have been published in The Orff Echo.
Reverberations Summa, Lauren Shanker, Randi Orff/Keetman Materials Orff Process/Pedagogy All Ages
Two teachers share ways they use the Music for Children volumes with their students. Includes a chart of pieces with suggestions for process and creative play.