Professional Learning Network Southard, Joshua Arts/Literature Integration All Ages
No matter if you’re in the classroom or on-line, children’s books are a great way to introduce musical concepts to your students.
Reverberations Collins, Kimberly Wolfe, Kristine Inouye, Mika Beverloo, Saskia Orff Process/Pedagogy Movement/Dance College/Higher Education
Part One in a series of video models by AOSA Teacher Educators. These videos are intended to show examples that serve as seeds of inspiration for your teaching.
The Orff Echo Loong, Chet Yeng Accountability/Assessment Research All Ages
The purpose of the study was to investigate choral and general music educators’ assessment practices, their confidence in them, and how they navigate curricular reform initiatives.
The Orff Echo Siebenaler, Dennis Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Orff Process/Pedagogy Research Inclusion/Special Needs/ Gifted All Ages
The purpose of this project is to investigate the therapeutic benefits of musical activities typical of the Orff classroom (singing, movement, and playing classroom instruments) in terms of specific behaviors of children with attention deficit disorder (ADD).
The Orff Echo Wheatley, Susan AOSA Historical Significance Composition/Improvisation Movement/Dance Middle School
This author describes how a selection of Keetman dance suites, based around a common theme, inspired younger music and dance students in a middle-school project.
The Orff Echo Derges Kastner, Julie Research Inclusion/Special Needs/ Gifted All Ages
This article explains some of the characteristics of informal music learning found in research. t also describes findings from the author's study of four music teachers who used informal music learning in their classrooms, and provides practical applications for Orff teachers.
The Orff Echo Hersey, Jean Accountability/Assessment Advocacy High School/Adult
This article explores how the Danielson Framework for teaching connects with the Orff approach so that teachers can use it to showcase their students’ learning while teachers are being evaluated for effectiveness.
The Orff Echo Sterling, Wincle Carter, Elizabeth Accountability/Assessment Advocacy College/Higher Education
This article outlines a program developed by a fine arts committee specifically for arts subjects. The Tennessee Fine Arts Student Growth Measures System enables teachers to create portfolios of evidence of student growth as the basis of their effectiveness as teachers.
The Orff Echo Purdum, Tim Accountability/Assessment Advocacy College/Higher Education
This article explores ways that formal, informal, and summative assessments can be structured in a classroom to benefit both student learning and accurate teacher evaluation.
The Orff Echo Tranberg, Chris Accountability/Assessment Advocacy College/Higher Education
This article explores approaches to teacher evaluation that not only measure teacher effectiveness but encourages feedback helpful for teachers to improve.