Videos Nash, Grace AOSA Historical Significance
Interview with Nash in honor of her receiving the Distinguished Service Award in 1989.
Reverberations Hawley Larsen, Diana Brown, Beth Lesson Idea Orff Process/Pedagogy All Ages
The article describes cognitive apprenticeship as an instructional design choice for the Orff-inspired classroom. The six cognitive apprenticeship techniques highlighted are modeling, exploring, scaffolding, coaching, articulating, and reflecting.
Reverberations Mazion, Sharon Classroom Organization and Management Orff Process/Pedagogy All Ages
Collaboration and creative tasks play an important part of the teaching and learning process in an Orff Schulwerk classroom. Empathy, resiliency, flexibility and the ability to create iterations are key lifelong skills for our students as they journey through childhood and into adulthood.
Reverberations Collins, Ardith Bullington, Drue Herrmann, Anne Herrmann, Alix Seasonal Speech Vocal Intermediate
A versatile 4-part canon with classroom applications to explore in January and beyond.
Reverberations McCoy, Matt Harding, James Schrader, Jacque Composition/Improvisation Orff/Keetman Materials Speech Movement/Dance Intermediate Primary Middle School
Three AOSA Teacher Educators share a favorite nursery rhyme and offer ideas for why these traditional texts are a rich source of creative exploration in an Orff Schulwerk classroom.
Reverberations Richardson, Sarah Composition/Improvisation Movement/Dance Arts/Literature Integration Intermediate Middle School
Using a piece of art from the collection of Frank Stella, connect to and explore visual art in the music classroom. Includes creative movement and technology for truly engaging lesson.
Reverberations Collins, Ardith Hilton, John Diversity and Inclusion Vocal All Ages
John Hilton (1599-1657) was a Baroque era English composer who wrote many catches, canons, and rounds, notably “Come Follow Me.” The 1722 publication by Henry Playford, The Divine Companion, includes Hilton’s canon based on the text from the Gospel of Matthew celebrating the power of love.
Reverberations Lozada, Victor Diversity and Inclusion Vocal Multi-Cultural / Multi-Ethnic Intermediate Primary
The author shares Mexican children's songs from his childhood. Includes game songs, songs to tell a story, songs to sing, and dichos (saying or rhymes). Sound files support learning the material from a primary source.
Articles/News Items AOSA, Leadership Development and Nominations Committee AOSA Historical Significance All Ages
Read about the informed and vote in January!
Reverberations The Orff Echo, Arts/Literature Integration All Ages
Each quarterly issue of The Orff Echo includes reviews of children's books that offer teaching suggestions for use in an Orff Schulwerk classroom. This article includes the books that were reviewed over this past year.