Video AOSA Historical Significance
Interviews with those instrumental in the establishment and growth of AOSA, who reflect on the early days of the organization (picture is unsteady, but for those studying the history of AOSA, this is but a small inconvenience).
Reverberations Lawton, Richard Advocacy Technology All Ages
Create a classroom blog to help with communication, community outreach, world outreach, taking school-work home to parents, and rehearsal techniques.
Video Campbelle-Holman, Margaret Orff Process/Pedagogy Urban Focus Multi-Cultural / Multi-Ethnic Intermediate
CPR for music classrooms with limited resources. Boundaries are crossed with the Schulwerk’s interactive pearls. For grades 3-5: medium to challenging examples.
Video DeFrece, Robert Orff Process/Pedagogy All Ages
Orff Schulwerk lessons that fulfill clearly defined objectives outlined in the National Standards.
Video Amchin, Rob Multi-Cultural / Multi-Ethnic All Ages
Explores music from the most well-known Jewish Holidays and Hebrew music to use the entire year – sing, dance, discover!
Reverberations Massello-Chiacos, Donna Orff/Keetman Materials Orff Process/Pedagogy Primary
Use a Keetman piece from Elementaria to teach a piece in its entirety as well as to introduce musical concepts that will prepare students for future Orff/Keetman repertoire. Movement and vocal extensions are discussed along with teaching process..
Reverberations Tu, Catherine Sun, Sophie Xueqiu Diversity Lesson Idea Multi-Cultural / Multi-Ethnic Intermediate Primary
The authors describe the story and cultural significance behind the Chinese song A Little Spotted Puppy. They detail a game, the process for teaching an orchestration, ideas for adding improvisation, an arts integration project, and provide videos of students performing the song.
Reverberations Van Gunten, Marjie Vocal Intermediate
Two songs that may each be sung as a four-part canon or paired in a canonic performance piece.
Video Pospisilova, Lenka Orff Process/Pedagogy Movement/Dance Intermediate Primary
Pospisilova introduces Slovak dances, culture, and traditions by using Dvorak's New World Symphony, inviting all on a musical journey to the moon.