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AOSA is managed by a network of boards, panels, committees, and subcomittees dedicated to the mission and core values of the organization. With a small staff, the majority of work done by AOSA is completed by volunteers who give of their time and talents to promote Orff Schulwerk in the U.S. or around the world. Opportunities to serve at the national level include:

National Board of Trustees (NBT) - This is the senior governing body of AOSA charged with managing the strategic direction and daily programming of the organization. The NBT is broken down into eight committees to manage the strategic direction of the organization and our programming. These committees, made up of the elected trustees, include:

Executive Committee (EC)

Member Relations (MR) Committee

FInance (FIN) Committee

Curriculum and Instruction (CI) Committee

Chapter Relations (CR) Committee

Professional Development/Research
(PDR) Committee

Leadership Development and Nominations
(LDN) Committee

2023-2024 NBT Committee Assignments

Handbook for Board Service

Communications Request Form

Webside Update Request Form

To serve on the national board, previous volunteer experience with AOSA or other non-profit orgnaizations or schools is required. If you are interested in serving as a member of the National Board of Trustees, please complete the AOSA Volunteer Leadership Interest Form or contact the AOSA Leadership Development and Nominations Committee at

NBT History of Service

AOSA Subcommittees and Panels  - Much of the programmatic work of AOSA is developed and managed by AOSA panels and subcommittees charged with specific tasks associated with the organization. Currently, AOSA has 15 subcommittees and panels. See the names and links to the job descriptions in .pdf  format in the table below:

Continuing Teacher Educator Development (CTED) Subcommittee


Curriculum Oversight and Revisions Subcommittee (CORS)
Diversity and Inclusion (DI) Subcommittee Educator Advocacy (EA) Subcommittee Fund Development (FD) Subcommittee
History (HIS) Subcommittee Orff Schulwerk Education Programming (OSEP) Subcommittee Digital Mentorship Subcommittee

Research to Practice (RTP) Subcommittee

Social Media (SM) Subcommittee Virtual Programs Subcommittee (VPS) - NEW 
Grants and Scholarships Review Panel (GSRP)  

 Teacher Educator Apprenticeship Panels   (Basic-Movement-Recorder)

Editorial Board
  The Orff Echo 
Editorial Board

2022-2023 AOSA Subcommittees Membership Listing 

More details on qualifications and work requirements for subcommittees can be found in the Handbook for AOSA NBT Subcommittees If you are interested in serving as a member of an AOSA board, panel, or subcommittee, please complete the AOSA Volunteer Leadership Interest Form or contact the AOSA Leadership Development and Nominations Committee at

Articles and Documents:

  AOSA Articles of Incorporation 

  AOSA Code of Regulations 

  501(c)3 Determination Letter 

  AOSA Organizational Structure

Website Protocol and Guidelines

AOSA Song Selection Statement